Blog entry by GOL (Admin)

A-Level and AS results will be available to view and print from Thursday 15th August at 8:00am (GCSE results will be available on Thur 22th Aug.).  Please ensure your college login is still working as you will not be able to get your results without it. See the IT Dept. for login queries.



Exam Script Recalls

•    Information about requesting an exam script recall is available via the exams office.
•    Only order a Priority Script Recall if you want to see you exam paper before requesting a review of marking.
•    Order a non-priority script for revision/re-sit purposes (please note that non-priority scripts take 8 weeks to arrive).

Review of Marking requests

•    You will need to obtain written permission for a review of marking from a Senior Member of Staff.
•    Bring the written permission to the exams office with the relevant fee (£45 to £65 depending on the exam board and whether it is a priority or non-priority request.

For clarification, an enquiry about a result is a review of marking, not a ‘re-mark’. By ensuring that marks are reviewed, only those marks that are the result of a genuine marking error not a difference in judgement will be changed, which will be fairer to all candidates.

Contact the exams office (open between 10-12 noon and 1-4pm each day) if you have any queries. More information is available on the exams page.