2018 Exam Re-Sit Booking Information

Dear Student,

Please read the following information carefully before you move on to Wisepay to book your re-sits!

All re-sits should be discussed with your tutor prior to booking them in. Doing more than 2 re-sits can cause exam overload particularly with the new specifications where ALL papers in the subject will need to be re-sat. There are still some subjects where re-sitting one or two papers is possible- please talk to your teacher regarding this.

All resits are booked on Wisepay which will only be open until 4:00pm Monday 8th January 2018. Resits cannot be booked after this date.

To book and pay for your re-sits, please use Wisepay:

Please note there are no refunds once the exam is booked on Wisepay

If you have any queries please come and see us in the Exams Office- BEFORE 8th January 2018.


Debi and Michele

Exams Office






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