Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedure

EvacuationPlease read the following evacuation procedures carefully:

  • If you are in class your class teacher will be responsible for evacuating the class and students should go to the field with the teacher. Please alert the teacher if you aware of anyone missing or if there is any other problem.
  • If you are not in class but on campus please evacuate to the field and stand in an area near the Sports Centre. You won’t need to stand in lines but please act in an orderly manner and alert one of the staff in high viz yellow tabards if you aware of any problem relating to the evacuation. College staff will evacuate the ILC (Library), Dining Areas, Social Study Area, Common Room and outside toilets.
  • If you are in an exam please follow instructions given by the invigilator. You will be escorted in silence by the invigilators to a separate area on the tennis courts adjacent to the sports field.
  • No one may leave or enter the campus whilst the emergency is underway.
  • If the emergency is outside normal College hours (8.45 am to 4.15 pm) the assembly point is in the front car park and not the field.
  • If you have any support with evacuation a PEEP (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) will be developed for you and you should follow the plan agreed. Please ensure that you let your Personal Tutor or one of the Reception staff know if you develop any temporary mobility or other problem.
  • After evacuation please wait for instructions from the Fire & Evacuation Officer (in a high viz tabard with a megaphone).
  • Full details of the Procedure will be displayed in all rooms around the campus.

Fire drills will take place during the year to test the arrangements. 

Click HERE to view the full Emergency Evacuation procedure.



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