Login Help

Login to Godalming Online:  You can login to Godalming online using your six digit username (the number is on your id card), for example 170999 and the password you have set for the College network.

LoginPassword Expiry: If you are having problems logging into Godalming Online it is probably because your password has expired. If you are at home you can now change your password via the College email, click on the e-mail link on the top menu and type in your username and password. Please make sure that the in the "Domain\username" box you fill in GODALMING\ followed by your username, for example GODALMING\130999. If your password has expired you will be asked to reset your password. If you need further help please contact IT Support.

Forgotten Password: If you have forgotten your password you can get it reset by visiting the IT Support Office in room 333.  If you are not at College you can ring the IT Support number on 01483 411240 during office hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday).  We are sorry but passwords cannot be reset by email.  You will need to have your College id card with your to get your password reset.

Password Rules: when you next change your password you will need to choose a password that is at least 6 characters long and contain at least one of each of the following: uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers. If you need help please contact IT Support.

Lost id cards and lanyards:  All students are required to wear their College id card on a lanyard while in College.  If you have lost your id card and/or lanyard you can get replacements in room 333, you may be asked to pay a replacement fee of £5.  

Accessing documents after you have left College:  Documents saved in your College user area, on another College network drive or on OneDrive (your College account) will not be available once you have left College.  Please take copies of any documents you would like to keep before you leave.

Using the Wireless Network

Wireless connection is available throughout the College campus; you can connect your own personal laptop, netbook, phone etc. using the information below:

Network name:



Your College email address e.g. 179999@godalming.ac.uk


Your College network password

The network details will normally be saved on your device.  Many universities and other institutions now operate the Eduroam system – your device will be able to automatically connect to any Eduroam wireless network using these details.  You are bound by the College’s Regulations when using your College credentials to connect to any Eduroam service.  Click HERE for further instructions.

Getting Help

For help with logging on, the College network, Godalming Online etc. please contact IT Support:
The IT Support Office is open 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, everyday except bank holidays and the Christmas College closure.
email:  itsupport@godalming.ac.uk
ILT phone helpline: 01483 411240 (ext 240)
Office: IT Support/ILT Services - Room 333 (2nd floor of Gill Building above Student Reception)
IT Online Support Desk: http://support/portal

If you need help using Online Payments (WisePay):
HERE for help with logging on to Online Payments (WisePay).

Click to view the complete IT Helpdesk page


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